Rahul Nahata


As a Bank our primary concern is high availability of services to our customers. Web service down or transaction failed is a strict no-no in the banking world. In this internet world of ours, where one often hears and reads about downtime of speed problems, we are thankful to say that we have never faced any issues since the time that we have been associated with EverData Technologies. We are empowered with 100% uptime along with disaster recovery and business continuity services provided by them. Furthermore we are satisfied with the high availability of connectivity provided by them.

Nilesh Jain


Thousands of students get enrolled in our Universities Year in and Year out. The load of Education ERP System is immense and the major requirement is fast connectivity and data movement. Seeing the burgeoning demand for this extensive load and data on hand, we subscribed to the hosting services provided by EverData Technologies about 2 years ago. We are very happy to say that we have always had good local connectivity through them. They seem to have a good support system that runs round the clock 24x7.

Avijit Singh


Everdata is affordable and offers great features.It has customer service/technical supports that actually seem to care about what I need. After using Everdata’s services I am not bothered about my websites uptime.

Kunal Singh


Everdata’s service is great in providing services for hotel business and ERP Systems. I was searching for a datacenter company that can help me and gives me support whenever I need it and also it should be cost effective. I found Everdata and their registration process and their service delivery is good and I have never seen my website down till now. I would like to appreciate their support system.

Sumeet Wajpe


I have worked with a lot of web hosting companies and once I shifted my website with Everdata, I have not witnessed downtime. I am very much satisfied with their expert services and I want to thank you for listening to all my queries and responded fast with effective solution.

Sohan Bachhety


I really appreciate Everdata for their professional and excellent support services as well as friendly customer response. it's always my pleasure to deal with you guys.

A lot Thanks!