A seminar/workshop on “Network Security and Data Centers” in Everdata Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Data Center) for the 3rd year students of Poornima University was successfully conducted on 25th May 2019.


The primary focus of the seminar was on transferring knowledge about the growing awareness of network security and the need for the data center.


“The growing online market is certainly giving employment and new startups in India, especially in Jaipur. Since, the Everdata company is leading Jaipur in IT sector, Networking, and Datacenters, it was an out of box seminar enjoyed by us,” said Poornima University students.


In the inaugural function, Cyber Security expert Mr. Akar Periwal addressed the students on cybersecurity, the concern of data protection, and the solutions we offer as a data center.


The seminar conducted in three different sessions briefly detailed the students about various fields in network security. Furthermore, how they soon can learn and put their career objectives in the idea of cloud computing and data systems was one biggest highlight that will surely help each of them in generating a better future.


Apart from this, how we can remove the obstacles and build opportunities in making the infrastructure of the data center was a big issue of discussion where Mr. Nitish Soni took one on one interactive session.


Additionally, how IDC (Internet Data Centers) can facilitate and house computer systems in the telecommunications can future computing was briefly described as per the emergence of global modern data centers.


“Our agenda was to aware students more in the world of the internet such that they get to know the changing spheres of cybersecurity, network security, can know more about cyberfrauds and cybercrimes. Once there knowledge gets enhanced, they can make a career in the network security and data centers,” said, Everdata management team.


By looking at the interactive and overwhelming response from the students, we think we were pretty successful in creating a spark, not only in the students but in the professors and college’s different tech departments.


As a result, Poornima’s placement cell is highly interested in giving a chance to Everdata for arranging guest sessions and to hire their best students for training and jobs.


We are certainly looking towards it.