Everdata Technologies, India took part in India - Africa ICT Summit, with an aim to effectively build fully-fledged data centers.


The ICT Summit was a huge success for Everdata as we were able to understand the Africa’s need for digitalization from the words of the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA).


Data protection is a serious thought all over the world, but Rwanda has special needs according to Rwanda’s Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paula Ingabire, who attended the two-day summit.


Rwanda sounds an excellent opportunity for Everdata’s commitment to data integrity and data protection.


Mr. Naveen Sharma, our Director, has given a subtle and everlasting way of solving Africa’s data-related problem and how to handle the data center costs by installing facilities in stages.


His Words:


“I think Rwanda can force on its need for data protection and this will not cost more than $5000 per server. Alternatively, they can buy one server at a time and improve its functions with needs because the technology changes every year.”


In an interview in ICT Summit, he was also able to put the focus on the growing needs of technological advancements which are required to run a data center nationally with the help of private business setup from India.


This move from Everdata can surely help Africa!


We among 60 other Indian companies at the Kigali summit, can create the best IT infrastructure and technology background under a low-cost budget by building a data center with housing facilities, including servers purchase and professional maintenance.


In order to, fulfill Africa’s data center needs, Everdata Technologies is highly committed to set up training programs, and IT conferences on Cloud Computing, Networks, Advanced Technologies and many more for young entrepreneurs and business people there.


Also, under this, we can help Africans to establish their own local market in collaboration with other third-world countries and data center companies.


Like Rwanda, we also hope to get along with other countries and help their datacenter related needs right from scratch to the hill. Everdata is always open to every one in demand for data center services!